A Fitness Update from The Slacker

Lol I’m lazy when it comes to posting about my own fat 😉

So I have been rocking ZWOW on YouTube for 23 days today (I did 100 Burpees today!!!)
So 5 weeks ago vs today will be pics 🙂
Today I added in Jamie Eason livefit which is weights- cj even did this with me and committed to cleaner eating 🙂
I’m sooo excited by the clean eating I could pee- he’s high risk for diabetes so woo hoo

Okay measurements from 11/5/12 beginning of Zwow (that Thursday actually)
L arm 12 in
Chest 31 in
Waist 29 in
Hips 37 in
L thigh 21.5 in
Calf 14 in

L Arm 11.5
Chest 32
Waist 28.3
Hips 36.5
L thigh 21.3
Calf 15

Total lost 2 inches and zero pounds with awesome gains

FYI black sports bra are today!

My goal for December is to run 100 miles and be more healthy 🙂

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