As They Sleep

Today I failed as a parent.

Wow. That’s humbling.

My boys knocked robins eggs out of the next in the front yard and killed the babies (because they opened the eggs) well I lost my shit. I yelled so loudly every neighbor on my block came outside as I told my kids they had killed, KILLED baby birds. Yup, that me shitty mom at 1821. I sucked. I know we all lose it but my kids killed birds and I lost it.

I thought Emmy was being a butt for not eating or wanting a bath and she wanted to wok. Now she is fast asleep. Beautiful and fast asleep.

A debate on Facebook

About putting rice cereal in a babies bottle to get them to sleep through the night…my thoughts on sleeping through the night

Never mind that sleep isn’t something to get used to at this point in your mommy career, I have slept maybe 7 nights in the last 21 days. Last night and the night before my 4 year old was crying in pain from his broken arm (that he got from jumping on the couch) because he won’t take the pain med. The week before my 6 yr old has croup so I was up all night with him for 4 days, right before that my baby (2) got a cold- 1 night there, and a few days before that her brother helped her Over the side of the couch and she dislocated her elbow 2 nights there. This part where babies are sweet and snuggly and cute and wake up to eat and go back to sleep is all preparation for life with little kids and then I hear with teenagers (who don’t sleep). So while the hardest transition in life is having one baby ( more get easier) and losing some of our habits, it’s also the time you will look back on most fondly. You have many sleepless nights in your future, get a good coffee pot