it’s that time of month again…

And no I don’t mean *that* time of month!! I mean budgeting!!!

I find budgeting to be a source of relaxation, on the 30th of June I am not going to have question whether I paid off on my surgery bill, did I have enough for rent and the car payment. Instead I know on June 1st my bills are xyz and when I paid them.

I get my budget sheets at buttoned up

Here is my June budget
Gas 160
Rent&deposit 1800
Phones 190
Xcel 100
Water 100
Truck 470
Food 400
Net 50
Emergency fund 240
Life insurance 165
Surgery bill 125
Copay 50
Gyno 50
Total 3900

We may not be paying on the hospital bills because we are filing bankruptcy when we get our deposit back but for me personally that is a point of contention. I don’t want to file, Corey is the one with the extensive mortgage debt but I did just rack up 6k in hospital debt from my cervical cancer and whatever starts pouring in from Brett’s broken arm.

I know I need an income of 4k this month to be comfortable, I know rent is due the first of July and it’s 1200 so I know that our deposit will help us step ahead with that and then we will be balanced and in a solid place financially.

How does budgeting make you feel?