DIY key hanger

I love a little somethin’ somethin’ to spruce up a space and let me tell you Pinterest is the answer to my inspiration dreams! I love this key hanger cause lets face it key hangers are fugly, functional but so ugly! Well Becky had given me this amazing fabric and I thought to myself ‘girl you need a pop next to the front door so, with some composition board (that cj sawed perfectly) a scrap of fabric and some hooks!! Well we stretched the fabric and stapled it to the wood, screwed the hooks in and put a hanger on the back it is a mellow focal point in the white frames!! I get compliments all.the.time!

Moving is fun Because…

You can DIY haha

For realz my DIY projects are to the moon and back!! So, sense we have gotten rid of Internet I am going to do my best to post from the library once a week on things like budgeting, but once a week I will be bringing you an awesome DIY from my phone!! This week?!
Revamp the shade!
First grab your gnarly lamp shade
Next grab some awesome fabric (mine are circles from a dress I made once
Cut your fabric I did half circle around the bottom of my shade
Grab your adhesive spray or packing tape if you have no idea where your spray is 😉
Tape on!
Light up the room and watch your fabric shine through!!!

Technicolored Dreams

As I sit watching my babes play in their kiddie pool and let the beautiful Colorado sun dry my spray paint, I realize that my dreams have gone from black and white to full on color, color pallets and so far outside my box my head is spinning…in a good rainbow esque way.

My life has transformed much like this wardrobe! Aka step by step furniture makeover!

The $35 thrift store wardrobe

The finished product

The step by step!
We started by sanding it down- look at that beautiful wood

After Sanding…and sanding…an sanding for like 2 weeks, we washed the wood off with water and a rag.

Now we tried spray paint…and switched to antique white wall paint which gave the piece a nice vintage feel

Then I decided on making a stencil of a trellis and decided that was a dumb fucking idea and taped on chevron which took f o r e v e r!!! Or three days!

Corey spray painted the chevron while I was on a run! He made the over spray artsy 😉

And we put it all back together

I love this wardrobe, the symbolism to me and how awesome is turned out!!

Sweet Circus

Our move is fast approaching only 2.5 weeks!! So, naturally opt to go to the circus! I have never been to a circus, here are my sweet babies at the circus!!!

Although this weekend we did some stuff done, like a garage sale, started my herb garden, donated a ton of stuff to goodwill and finished sanding the wardrobe (to be painted tomorrow!). I am so not ready do move but so excited! I will be posting a step by step trellis how to tomorrow!!