Ephesians 25

Let me start with I keep trying to write a post about my new years resolution, right or wrong it’s mine.

My New Years Goal
To be Coreys perfect wife

So I started at square one for me. I needed to be his wife, not just a nagging freaking out bitch.

Well in my exploration of this and it’s only been a month; I have learned that to make a marriage really exude Christ that you have to read like all of Ephesians 25! So dig this I’m not just to be his perfect wife but it’s his job to love me like Christ so loved his church. Well when I brought this up Coreys response was all well Christ came to correct the church :headscratch: so of course I had to research more!!!! Well Christ was a servant to his church now I don’t think Cj is fixing to be my servant but we are made to be each others servants. Its just super interesting to me that it’s not just me that is to serve him but really a two way street. I was raised in a family where men are the high and mighty!

Ephesians 25:22
Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.
Ephesians 25:25
Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ so loved his church and gave himself up to her.

There is much more to this that I totally suggest we all read, I am just not typing it all out on my phone.

So while us as ‘Christians’ are willing to view our selves as higher than others and even judge other Christians based on their political affiliation with out looking ourselves in the mirror and how we treat our spouses! So much to work toward in the next year