Guacamole and missed dinner plans

So we had plans for dinner with our friends John and April and their 4 kids (spaghetti and guacamole). Odd combo I know but we always have spaghetti with them because it cheaply feeds the 11 of us (they have a family of 6 and us 5). Well I decided since I was out lettuce I would do my version of the guacamole on she uses edamame which I have like 9 bags of! So to work I went in the kitchen! I spent like half an hour making this and then I get a call…dun dun daaa…it’s Corey they have a training meeting thing tonight and then more work for him 😥 well completely unprepared to come up with a meal in 20 minutes I used up the left over sauce in the fridge and made some lame spaghetti! So I’m sad and relieved about dinner (I’m exhausted and have a show on sat for
Lots of work to do tonight!
Well onto the the guacamole recipe 🙂

2 Avocados
2 cups edamame (no shell)
1 tomato
1/3 red onion chopped
2 tablespoons garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp lemon juice

Take the peel and core off the avocados stick in the food processor (or blender as I did)
Peel the edamame and put in your blender
Garlic chopped into blender
Half tomatoes and gut them then chop and dice and stick in the blender
Dice the onion and plop it in the blender
I added 1/8 cup water and turned my blender on liquify and wiggled it until it was guac I then tasted it and seasoned with lemon/salt/pepper as needed! So yummy!

Btw my 5 year old loves the bread from yesterday and wants me to get that kind from now on!!! I will post my recipe Sunday when I make more 🙂

We had a play date

This week has been crazy for us but we have had so much fun! We had a play date with our friends Ingrid, Edie and Rylyn! It was so fun the kids ran a mock and we had great mommy time! It helped with the delish food…Bagels, pita chips, hummus and biscuits and gravy!

Grandma is on her way now for a trip to the park! Then we will come home and rock some guacamole! Last but not least we are having dinner with friends and doing our taxes! Yay!!

I figured a biscuits and gravy recipe is in order since it home made!!

1 package Jimmy dean maple sausage
3 or 4 tablespoons flour
1/4 cup milk

Fry up sausage until is crumbly turn off your burner and add the flour (make sure all the sausage is lightly covered) then add milk until you have a creamy gravy (you could need more flour or milk just wing it) serve over biscuits! I use Pillsbury dinner biscuits 🙂
Enjoy this is a quick and easy meal