We had a play date

This week has been crazy for us but we have had so much fun! We had a play date with our friends Ingrid, Edie and Rylyn! It was so fun the kids ran a mock and we had great mommy time! It helped with the delish food…Bagels, pita chips, hummus and biscuits and gravy!

Grandma is on her way now for a trip to the park! Then we will come home and rock some guacamole! Last but not least we are having dinner with friends and doing our taxes! Yay!!

I figured a biscuits and gravy recipe is in order since it home made!!

1 package Jimmy dean maple sausage
3 or 4 tablespoons flour
1/4 cup milk

Fry up sausage until is crumbly turn off your burner and add the flour (make sure all the sausage is lightly covered) then add milk until you have a creamy gravy (you could need more flour or milk just wing it) serve over biscuits! I use Pillsbury dinner biscuits 🙂
Enjoy this is a quick and easy meal