Addressing The Already Addressed

As I stand in my seven year old sons class, safe, having signed in, police making themselves seen, happy…I think to myself, how do you address a topic that has been addressed by, well, everyone?

For me- it’s talking about the nitty gritty, what we are all saying at home but no one is saying in public.

The Devil himself would probably find this to be some seriously fucked up shit. Because it is fucked up. When you shoot 20 small children it’s fucked up- no ifs, ands or buts about it. You can’t do that, it’s just not okay.

If you haven’t read ‘I am Adam Lanzas Mother’ yet, you should. My brother could be the next Adam Lanza.

That’s all. I still believe in the right to have guns. I just believe in safely doing so.

DIY key hanger

I love a little somethin’ somethin’ to spruce up a space and let me tell you Pinterest is the answer to my inspiration dreams! I love this key hanger cause lets face it key hangers are fugly, functional but so ugly! Well Becky had given me this amazing fabric and I thought to myself ‘girl you need a pop next to the front door so, with some composition board (that cj sawed perfectly) a scrap of fabric and some hooks!! Well we stretched the fabric and stapled it to the wood, screwed the hooks in and put a hanger on the back it is a mellow focal point in the white frames!! I get compliments all.the.time!