Park and Play Work Outs!

First woo-hoo my lululemon engage sports bra got here today (who’s running in the engage tomorrow? This girl!)

Second I promised you a work out today, and I’m bringing it bitches!

My measurements Monday vs Friday
L Arm 11 in vs 11.25
L leg 20.75 vs 20
Bust 37 vs 36.5
Hips 37.75 vs 37
Waist 29.6 vs 29.25

Ya buddy! I rocked this week? Did you? What are your measurements?

My schedule looked like this
Monday park and play 2.01 mi
Tuesday new rules of lifting Stage 3 workout A
Wednesday park and play 2.56 miles
Thursday NROLFW stage 3 work out A 2.17 miles
Friday -rest!!!

I feel amazing! A M A Z I N G

So what is the park and play workout
Exercise Set. Rep
Squat. 2. 6
Static elevated leg lunge 2 6
Bulgarian split squat 2 6
Step up 2 6

Push up 2 6
One arm incline push up 2 6
Tricep dips 2 6

Plan 45-90 second
Cobra 60-120 second
Sit ups 3 10
Crunch 3 10