I love Jesus

I really do and I really want to help my kids know Jesus cus I think he’s the cats meow. This Christmas we got the boys a bible and it appears if I read them one story a day we can read and write about God and his awesomeness and finish the bible In pictures by the end of 2013. I hope I can teach my kids to love Jesus like I do.

The Holidays are (almost) Over!

And to that I say woo hoo! I love the family and camaraderie of the holidays but they leave me feeling overwhelmed and anxious 😦 Thankfully they are almost over!! Jayden will be back at school next week, which makes me really sad! I am goinna miss my bug a boo 😥 but I know he will love it and we will be back to gymnastics which all the kids need and our schedules will be normal again, CJ hasnt been working much this past week leaving what mini version of a schedule I had self imposed flying out the window but it has been fun spending time coloring on the windows and playing farm with the kiddos! I am super neglectful of this here blog when I have such cute people to pay mind too! I love doing it though 🙂 Amazing! I am grateful for my family, for my time with them and for holiday breaks :love: