Gun Violence Kills 12

Someone just posted on Facebook
‘they say guns don’t kill people, people do, but if it weren’t for a gun a lot more people would be alive right now.’

A gun did not walk into that Aurora movie theatre and shoot 62 people. A man who was 24, highly intelligent and out for blood did.

I can not fathom the pain, heartbreak and devastation the families of those shot are feeling. I live 50 miles away and I want to cry, I have cried. I don’t know anyone in aurora but I know that someones 7 year old baby was killed. Jayden is almost seven. 62 lives, 62 families have been forever changed because one 24 year old guy was angry.

It doesn’t end there, he had a bomb in his car. He booby trapped his apartment and planted bombs in his apartment complex, maybe more. They don’t know. But blocks of city street are shut down and the FBI and ATF are there.

So, at the end of the day does it really fucking matter if he used a gun or a bomb or a knife or nunchucks? Does it really matter? Is it really the point? Cus I feel like the real point is that 12 people are dead our state is in upheaval and it’s bad enough that a radio DJ suggested all we could do right now is PRAY for these families.

Stop fighting over guns and start praying for healing.