Meal Plan Monday

Now that school is out and summer is in full swing (just ask my kids who are spraying each other in the backyard and refuse to take a nap!) the insanity of meal planning has shifted from Friday to Monday and shopping happens on Friday. I try to do a bigger shop on the Friday of Coreys paychecks so that I have my basics squared away for the two weeks (I never shop for more than two weeks because if it is in the house it will get eaten).

This week was the second week of Coreys paycheck so I bought my *extras*. My Menu looks like this
Monday *breakfast* Waffles with strawberries *lunch* crackers with melted cheese and lunch meat *dinner* veggie fajitas
Tuesday *b* oatmeal with protein powder *l* PBJ *d* stir fries
Wednesday *b* pancakes *l* left overs *d* small group (We are taking mozzarella and tomato salad with sweet basil from my new herb garden)
Thursday *b* oatmeal with blueberries *l* cheese crackers and meat *d* shrimp and rice with mango
Friday *b* pancakes and grocery shopping
 I use this meal planner page and I frickin love them! I love her too!

My Grocery List
Milk (sw) 1.89
Frigo String Cheese (sw)5.99
French Bread (sf) 1.50
Scallops (sw) 10 (2 lbs)
Breakfast Sausage (sw) 2/6
Blueberries (sw) 3.99
Strawberry (sw) 5
potatoes (sf) 4
blackberries (sf) .88 (3)
total 41.00
sw= safeway
sf= sunflower
Safeway does 5 dollar fridays and is totally worth it for some of the awesome sales!

Grocery Lovin Mama

I went to the grocer with my kids and My hubby- he of course got a call AS SOON AS WE WALKED IN…but he was able to stay long enough for me to rock through my grocery trip :YAY:

So this week I got at Safeway
Mission Chicken Ceasar Wraps (2 boxes) 2.68 (Total) orginally 7.38 -3.70 (SC)-1 (MC)
Lucerne Sour Cream 2.15 orginally 2.39-.24 (Employee Discount)
Open Nature Pizza 4.49 orginally 5.49-.50 (SC)-.50 (ED)
10.95 lbs of apples 9.64
Total $19.65
Savings 14.75 or 44%

Meal Plan
Cinnamon Rolls
Omelet x3

Roll Ups w/apples
Mac and Cheese

Mexican Pizza
Left Overs
Mac Bake
Pumpkin Soup in Crock Pot
Date Night
Left Overs
CJs Moms

We also have a ton of left over pizza from our meal splurge last night with take and bake pizzas from Papa Murphys

Monday Madness and a Menu

Sigh…Sorry about my crappy blog upkeep last week 😦 I have been sick :cough cough: )

The boys went to grandmas saturday night after the pumpkin patch and had a blast, Jayden has athletes foot, I call the swimming pool, CJ thinks the gym…either way :yuck: 

Jay has A4A today and even though I feel like shit I am thinking I am going to swing by and grab some shots for the year book, honestly, I am really excited about this and that CJ has next monday off so I can get pics of the halloween party for the year book 🙂

To be honest I am feeling not so manic or anything madness-y about this monday, the homework is done, breakfast is made and consumed, clothes are on and back packs packed…the littles and I are going to the park and library while Jay is at school…should be fun

This Weeks Menu 

Picture of a Man and Woman Eating Cereal for Breakfast
Slowcooker oatmeal
pancake muffins
waffle strips

pasta w/broc pesto
hard boiled eggs with sides
leftover curry
Chicken Pot Pie
Butternut Squash Risotto
Mac + Beef Bake
Peanut Curry w/ tempura veggies
zuch lasagna
Not a lot but we go shopping Saturday!! 

Mmm Meal Plan

It was pay day so I hit the g-store with my 80 bucks and I came home with $4! What What! Okay now given it will not be this way all weekend I am taking the kids to the farmer stand post nappage! Then we are going to the punkin patch!
OooooOOOooooOOO and the sunday paper had like 4 inserts :love it:

So, with the lower budget our meal plan is lookin like this for this week
Blueberry and Banana Pancake Muffins
Big City Burritos *Jaydens PTCO Fundrasier*
Blueberry and Strawberry Pancake Muffin
Waffle Sticks

Lunch Box Biscuits
Tortilla Roll Up
Mini Pizza on Corn Tortilla

Oven Baked Crispy Chicken
Khamiri, rasa kayi curry, kao suay
Spinach and Veggie Lasagna
Left Overs
Pasta Primavera

I am sure you noticed there is NO FOOD next weekend 😀 It’s because Coreys grandparents will be in town and we will be swinging the food thing by ear. I am super excited to see them and to enjoy some yummy foods this week

Orange Puree (awesome for throwing a cube in mac and cheese! Especially if you bake it, tastes just like hamburger helper, but its made from food)
1 med sweet potato peeled and chopped
3 medium to large carrots peeled and chunked
3 tablespoons of water

Boil for 20 minutes and then process carefully in a food processor until creamy, then freezer in an ice tray 🙂