I Must Be A Little Crazy

Although most of us have known this for sometime! I agreed today to have my food (and blog!) in the newspaper- and they are coming Thursday!!! Normally this is a non-issue but with breaking being over-uh, yesterday and my blog being not up to date (thank you very much lack of interwebs connection). I feel like I need to be cleaning and cooking non-stop til Thursday!!

Well, since I know that’s not going to happen (cleaning). I shall cook and how’s this for commitment- I will now have to post atleast one delish dish a week- sorry more than that is too much for me 🙂

Well I misses the weigh in- 138.2 🙂 yummy food and weightloss!

I want to remind my bestie on the beach- abs are made in the kitchen but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to taste good 🙂