Q & A Time

Hey Girl!
Ugh, just trying to catch up from all the bills this summer, and get some of our debt down.  We were “young and carefree” and ran up our CCs, now were paying for it, literally.  Trying so hard to get ahead of all this, but it’s so hard:( Thanks for listening.  I know you know what it’s like.
Heather a Teacher in New Jersey

I think we have all been here, right? Where the summer gets sooo expensive with trips and little extras, especially with kids plus you weren’t working over the summer (because you are a teacher). I also think we all had a moment or 10 when we were young and over spent or enjoyed the plastic money- Myself included!
I paid off 3500 from June to September and I would love to help you be able to do this too.
What I did is I took every.single.debt I had and I got a tack board. I spread all my debts out over my table and I seperated the piles- Medical, Credit Card, Loan
I took the Medical debts and put them aside, I then looked at the Credit Card and the Loan debt *not the total!* I looked at the interest rate. I put the lowest interest rates at the bottom of the pile and stacked them so the highest rates where on top. I
I then took my medical bills and I called each and every company and doctor and I asked them to lower the total cost because xyz was my situation. I reduced my medical debt from 1800 to 600 by doing this. I paid this off first.
I then went back to my debts I tacked them up in the little pile, every month I would make just over minimum payment on my lower interest debt and then throw a huge chunk at the highest interest debt until it was gone and then I would move on to the next debt. Paid off 1700 in debt this way.
It makes a huge difference when you get to pull off one of those bills and throw it into the trash!

Issues I ran into
Corey would say $50 or $100 doesn’t make much difference why bother? Well because it was the extra $50 and $100 that made the biggest difference

My income to outgoing is wonky from commission based job! I save for those months that are usually slow.

I over use my debit card…which is why its cut into two-way embarassing to give some one a cut up debit card

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