Running Around The World

Okay, well that may be a little over the top, I am not really running around the world (but I would freaking love to!) But I did just sign up for my first ever HALF MARATHON!!!!!!!!! The Colfax Marathon which is a benefit Marathon for Kaiser and supports all these super orginaztions in the Denver area 🙂 I know doing a half is a little wuss but I am running Tough Mudder the next month and there is no way I can train for both :/

So, back to Colfax Marathon…its May 19th and I will be running it with a few of my super awesome friends (I would love to have more join us!) I am using Hal Higdons Half Marathon Novice2 right now and in a few weeks I am going to be upping it to Intermediate because well I run too much for the current progam, although if you are a novice runner I do think it is AWESOME!

Last month I made my goal of 100 miles as many of you know 🙂 I actually hit 101 and I have to say it rocked 🙂 In a huge way minus of course the illness at the end but hey what can I say?! I wanted to touch on awesome running and shoes. A lot of my friends have asked me what shoes they should wear, well that is a complex question running shoes are not a one size (or shoe) fits all we all run different I love love love to run ‘barefoot’ I run in Merrills on the road and in Vibrams on the treadmill! They are perfect for me but I have a near perfect gait and work hard to keep it that way, this is not the case with most runners!! I will repeat, this is not the case with most runners!!!!!!! Go to a real running store and get fitted I love Road Runners because they are uber patient and awesome, they are also the only running store I have been in. So, before you run, get fitted, its worth the $100 for the right shoes and lack of shin splints, hip injuries, knee pain, etc, etc!

Well. Im off for now but I will be checking in Thursday for a delish, clean. dish!