So my lovely husband brought up the subject of food idolization last night. We obsess about it, love it, hate it, need it- and so on. I love food, I do, I love meal planning, cooking and what not. I went to the library and now I’m working on my meal plan for this week- whole foods, real foods, tasty and healthy foods. Wish me luck

Merry Christmas Eve

It’s that time of year, when Santa comes and Jesus wasn’t really born, the year ends and we realize we have wasted out time on iPhones and doing pointless shit. Oh and don’t forget we promise we will do better next year, but we wont, not really.

This Christmas I look back at the last year, at the loss of my grandfather and the growth of my children. I wish I had spent less time of Facebook and more time on them. This year I will. I am happy to spend my holiday with my friends and my family.

This Christmas I will rejoice in the fact that Jesus was born albeit not at christmas time, that I have a family that loves me and my life.

Check in!

So I’m down to 31.9% body fat, not a huge decrease since my weight is the same but we will see, this week I’m committing to less processed than last week 🙂

My work out schedule this week is
M- 30 min run, Zwow 3,
T- 55 min run, Zwow 4, 6 week 6 pack
W- 45 tempo run, Zwow 5
Th- Zwow 6, 6 wk 6 pk
F- 30 min run, Zwow7
S- 11 mile run

I can’t wait to see what my measurements are on Monday 🙂 hopefully awesomeness!!

Food food

Lunch yesterday and today and dinner yesterday!!
You don’t need to starve to keep low cal!! Dinner yesterday
Mini pot pie
1 cup wheat flour
1 cup milk
1 tsp baking powder
Filling cheese and left over veggies

Fill cupcake tin with 1 tbsp pie, 1/4 cup filling top with 1 tbsp pie and back at 350 for 25 min serve and enjoy!

It’s go time

With the count Down to holiday parties and cruises among us it’s go time!

I got home one week and two days ago from my grandfathers funeral which was four days of amazing rich tdf foods and dear lord it was good and carried on after I got home so now it’s time to get back at it.
138.2 lbs
32.4 body fat

20 body fat

Blog food daily!

Mini goal 130 by 12/1!!

And go!

It’s been a month

Of working out with the park and play workouts! I have gone from working out and feeling overly challenged to feeling like its so easy (switching it up for the next 9 weeks! Which I will touch on that later)

So measurements!! I went from
Left arm 11inches
Left leg 20.75 in
Bust 37 In
hips 37.75 in
Waist 29.5 inches
Being able to run 2.01 miles in 28.33 minutes

8/20 (last full week before
getting sick)
Left arm 11.25 in
Left leg 21.75 in
Bust 30.5 in
Waist 28.75 in
Hips 37 in
3.5 miles in 40 minutes

Now pictures
Black bra is first day, pink undies is last day!! I feel amazing 🙂

I said I would mention my plan for the next 9 weeks
I will be doing
30 day shred M, W, F
Running 40 minutes M,T,W,F
Running an hour to 80 minutes Saturdays
Park and play work outs T,W,Th

I will do a progress pick in 3 weeks!!

That I Can’t Believe I Did That Moment…

Have you every had a I can’t believe I just did that moment? A good one? A bad one? Both in one day? Yup the latter is me today!!

First I did my park and play a workout and I was feelin fly so I did 7 push ups hehe which doesn’t sound like a lot but considering until recently I was doin bitch push ups it is for me!!! So I was all yay me I’mma clean my house!!!

Clean- laundry, floors bedrooms, pool, fill pool…leave water going in pool…Corey goes is it cleaner? Well yay…who cares that you flooded the neighbors yard :/

My day…hmm

Do You Look Like God?

I have debated and gone back and forth about postin about God and faith on my blog and what that may do to my followers and recently after some soul searching I have concluded that I need to put more of my faith into my blog. My faith is a big part of who I am as a woman.  So, my question to my kids today was, do you look like God? Their answer, well, no.  So, I read them Genesis 1:26-31 about how God made us to look like him, aren’t God but we have his traits. So, moms and ladies and dads and gentlemen you look like God. You are like God, you are not defined but being what others ask of you but by your whole and embracing acts. Acts of kindness, Godly acts, acts of selflessness. Today I will try to be more Godly. I won’t be God but I would like to make Him proud as a Daughter. 

It Is So Quiet

I ran away from home! I know that is totally not fair but I have developed what I believe is iphoneitis from bringing you blog from my phone since we have no internet at home. We went to the zoo and then I ran away from home so I could plan my Park and Play workouts for the week (super fun name right?!) I also decided to grab some movies for the fam since I have the hubs home tomorrow!!! I am excited to have escaped for a few and figured I would bring everyone a little high five for awesomeness from my local library (which has ac and is soooo nice because it is 97 outside!)

Earth, Wind and Fire

Should be the catch phrase for Colorado as of late! With fire and smoke rolling desperately down the mountains into the plains where we live the eerie gray haze has become a norm and the decadent mixed scents of campfire wood and flowers leaves a girl like me just short of petrified. Fire is one of my biggest fears and the concept of it creeping near my home has left me with nothing short of a need to make a plan!

Emergency Evacuation Plan
It is imperative to have a plan that can be quickly thrown into action…
I have 380 in cash in our house (no checks or cards) so that if we had to leave in a rush and the bank was on fire I could get to where I was going
I have my momagenda kitchen folio with copies of birth certs, ss cards, doctor info, etc
Canned food stash
Camping equipment
All the basic ness.
First aid kit
Epi pen
Knives, lighters

🙂 so if your state catches on fire come prepared! Emergency kits save lives!!!