Our New House

We got pics finally!! With move in being t minus 5 days I had to get some ideas!!
Emmys room

Dining Room from Kitchen
Worst Bathroom Pic Ever
Master bahaha
Boys Room
Dining Room again
Living Room
Kitchen from Living Room
Living room from Front Door

Technicolored Dreams

As I sit watching my babes play in their kiddie pool and let the beautiful Colorado sun dry my spray paint, I realize that my dreams have gone from black and white to full on color, color pallets and so far outside my box my head is spinning…in a good rainbow esque way.

My life has transformed much like this wardrobe! Aka step by step furniture makeover!

The $35 thrift store wardrobe

The finished product

The step by step!
We started by sanding it down- look at that beautiful wood

After Sanding…and sanding…an sanding for like 2 weeks, we washed the wood off with water and a rag.

Now we tried spray paint…and switched to antique white wall paint which gave the piece a nice vintage feel

Then I decided on making a stencil of a trellis and decided that was a dumb fucking idea and taped on chevron which took f o r e v e r!!! Or three days!

Corey spray painted the chevron while I was on a run! He made the over spray artsy 😉

And we put it all back together

I love this wardrobe, the symbolism to me and how awesome is turned out!!

Free Ladders…

I have systematically gone through each room of our new house and designed it in my head, except my brain is hopped up on sugar and caffeine and I don’t actually live there yet so I haven’t actually done anything nor do I have measurements for rooms and what not! But yesterday I went to my mother in laws house and found this darling sofa table in their pile of things to be fixed, so post move I am going to pick it up, fix it, and paint it white for under our new mirror (well new because of spray paint…look for the Spray Paint Has Consumed Me post!) I am LOVING it! I also found an old wooden ladder with tons of water damage that I will pick up and do something like this

But Painted Aqua for all of my Grandfathers History and Encyclopedias! How fab?! I love to read so I will now have a place to put books!!!
I am so excited to display different family pictures, mix it up, and even add some family silhouettes! I am hoping to do rock cottage meets modern twist with an emphasis on ease, fun and clean! The challenge is…how cheep can we do it? Total thus far $16 for spray paint, primer and a table cloth- goal under $100 (not including our new bed and bedding for the boys!)